Scarlett Passion Herbal Body Oil (vegan)

Scarlett Passion Herbal Body Oil (vegan)


This herbal body oil is the epitome of luxury for the skin. It has an essential oil blend that creates an exotic and relaxing experience through scent; floral and earthy, uplifting and grounding at the same time. The first ingredient in this product is organic golden jojoba oil that has been infused with soothing and anti-inflammatory herbs and flowers such as: chamomile, calendula, and tulsi (holy basil). Use liberally on the skin anywhere that needs added moisture and relief or protection from dryness.

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Ingredients: *golden jojoba oil (*infused with tulsi, moringa, chamomile, calendula, rosehips, and rose petals), *borage seed oil, *rosehip seed CO2, *tamanu oil, *sea buckthorn CO2, *rosemary antioxidant CO2, jasmine absolute (Indian), champaca CO2, essential oils of *ylang ylang, frankincense, palmarosa, *helichrysum, cistus

*Certified Organic ingredient

Jojoba oil is a liquid wax that melts beautifully into skin, as it is structurally similar to the sebum. Being a wax, it also has the benefit of never feeling greasy or heavy on skin. Jojoba oil creates a protective barrier wherever applied, locking in moisture and making it less likely for air to dry out the skin.

Borage seed oil is high in GLA (Gamma linolenic acid), which is known to decrease symptoms of psoriasis and eczema by correcting deficiencies in skin lipids (oils). GLA is an omega-6 essential fatty acid, which increases overall skin health and allows the skin to protect itself from inflammation and dryness.

Supercritical rosehip seed oil is extremely healing for dryness, it penetrates and moisturizes deep levels of the skin. It is also a very lightweight oil, absorbing instantly and leaving a healthy glow. It is high in vitamin A and vitamin E, which increase elasticity of the skin and encourages cell regeneration.

Tamanu oil can help relieve pain when used topically. Once absorbed into the skin, it works as an analgesic to decrease signals from pain receptors to the brain. It is also extremely beneficial for dryness, as it repairs and moisturizes irritated and inflamed skin.

Sea buckthorn CO2 extract is incredibly beneficial for the skin. It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil. It contains Omega 7 palmitoleic acid (this is a natural component of the skin) which makes this oil extremely moisturizing while also absorbing quickly.

Rosemary antioxidant extract prevents oxidation and spoilage of the oils in the product.

This product comes in a 2 oz amber glass bottle with treatment pump.

To use: Shake well. Massage oil all over body, best when used after a shower when the body is still slightly damp.

***Handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness upon delivery.***