Natural Deodorant Spray (vegan & baking soda free!)

Natural Deodorant Spray (vegan & baking soda free!)

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This deodorant spray creates a light, refreshing mist that effectively eliminates body odor. Perfect for anyone with very sensitive skin who cannot use products that contain baking soda. All natural, organic, and vegan ingredients.

Can be used in conjunction with the stick deodorant we offer to pack an even more powerful punch. Spray this product liberally onto underarms, wait for it to dry, then apply stick deodorant.

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Ingredients: Witch hazel distillate, colloidal silver, *rose geranium hydrosol, lactobacillus ferment, *essential oils of: lime & litsea cubeba OR sandalwood, neroli, and Turkish rose (depending on scent choice)

*Certified Organic ingredient

This deodorant spray is filled to the brim with powerful plant-based antibacterial agents. The reason that humans get body odor in the first place is because of a build of of bacteria on the skin. The ingredients chosen for this product effectively eliminate body odor by fighting off bacteria and decreasing sweat production.

Witch hazel is antibacterial and astringent, closing up sweat pores and fighting off bacteria.

Colloidal silver is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, it soothes skin irritation upon contact (nice to mist on right after shaving if you are experiencing any razor burn). It is also highly antibacterial, making it another great ingredient to fight off that pesky body odor.

For Litsea + Lime Scent:

Litsea cubeba (pronounced Lit-see-a Cu-beb-a) gives this product the sweet, lemony fragrance. It is extremely antibacterial and antiviral, which help fight body odor. It is also astringent which will help decrease sweat production.

Lime is a known natural deodorant, some people will cut open a fresh lime and rub it into their underarms straight. The reason this works is because the citric acid in the fruit will lower the pH of the skin, making it inhospitable for bacteria growth.

For Sandalwood + Neroli Scent:

Sandalwood is a powerful antibacterial agent, and is well known to carry strong deodorizing properties. Mixing it with the witch hazel and colloidal silver just increases the effectiveness of sandalwood as a deodorant. Due to the expensive nature of sandalwood, this scent option must be priced more expensive than the lime scent.

These deodorant are not a complete antiperspirant (as it does not block or clog the sweat glands!), but the ingredients are specifically chosen to fight body odor and decrease sweat production. It does provide a mild antiperspirant effect.

Very safe for sensitive skin, non-irritating formula.

Comes in a 2 oz (perfect travel size) or 4 oz amber glass bottle with mister attachment.

—-Handcrafted in small batches to ensure freshness upon delivery.—-