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One of the most common DIY oral care products is the coconut oil toothpaste, which consists of: coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil. I tried it… 3 times… ick. It was really salty and bitter from the baking soda. I experimented with adding stevia to sweeten it but it it still tasted quite unpleasant (I don’t normally use stevia and don’t really like it anyways, so I should have known I also wouldn’t like it in the toothpaste). I also tried changing the flavor to wild orange essential oil, but it was still terrible. My brother would still use it because he liked the idea of using something more natural, but the flavor was so bad that he could never brush his tongue! I had to find an alternative.

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9 thoughts on “Tooth Powder

  1. I have just been using the tooth powder for 3 days now. The first time I used this powder, I was fascinated that I was brushing my teeth with something almost black. After rinsing my mouth after brushing, I was pleasantly pleased by the clean feeling of my teeth. Definitely like this product!

  2. do you have a phone contact? I love the tooth powder I purchased at The Bioneers.. it seems a shame t rinse it all away…. after brushing my teeth… your thoughts about that?

    • Hi Linda,

      Yes, my phone number is 925-437-5599. You definitely do want to rinse it away after brushing, as it has detoxified and cleansed your mouth, getting all the bacteria and plaque buildup. So you would not want to swallow that. Please feel free to call, text, or email me with any further questions!


  3. I am very interested in your tooth powder… but I’m hesitant because my upper teeth are caps due to an accident, and I was wondering how this powder would affect the caps. Would the charcole stain them grey? Would there be any stain at all??

    Thank you …

    • Hi Tallie, the tooth powder will have no effect on the caps at all! They are non abrasive and will not cause you any issues with those. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

      Thank you,

  4. I’ve been using the Peppermint Eucalyptus tooth powder for about 4 months. After a recent appointment with my dental hygienist (I’ve been seeing her every 6 months for the past 10 years!), she was amazed at how white my teeth were! Not only that, my gums were pink and healthier than they had been in years. When I explained that the only thing I’d been doing differently was using Natural Clay Tooth Powder, she couldn’t quite believe it BUT did alert the dentist and made him come over and check it out! I’m very happy with the results and will continue to use Cleanlivingcollection products from now on!

    • Hi Brian,

      They are all equally as whitening, as they all have the same amount of activated charcoal which lifts the stains off the teeth. They are only availably online at the moment.

      Thank you!

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