Body Scrubs

Scrubs cleanse and exfoliate your skin, leaving it extremely smooth! There are two types of scrubs: salt and sugar. Salt scrubs are more intense exfoliators, making sugar scrubs more ideal for sensitive skin. I recommend starting with a lighter sugar scrub, and working up to a salt scrub if you need the extra exfoliation.

Basic Scrub Recipe: 2 parts sugar/salt:1 part oil; can also add 10 drops of essential oil (e.o.) per 1/2 cup sugar:1/4 cup oil mixture

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Tooth Powder

One of the most common DIY oral care products is the coconut oil toothpaste, which consists of: coconut oil, baking soda, and peppermint essential oil. I tried it… 3 times… ick. It was really salty and bitter from the baking soda. I experimented with adding stevia to sweeten it but it it still tasted quite unpleasant (I don’t normally use stevia and don’t really like it anyways, so I should have known I also wouldn’t like it in the toothpaste). I also tried changing the flavor to wild orange essential oil, but it was still terrible. My brother would still use it because he liked the idea of using something more natural, but the flavor was so bad that he could never brush his tongue! I had to find an alternative.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Finding a natural hair care routine that does not include conventional store bought shampoo and conditioner was tricky.

Store bought shampoo contains many harmful substances, one problematic ingredient is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). SLS is included in many cleaning supplies because of its foaming ability (think toothpaste, laundry detergent, hand soap…). Many people associate sudsing ability with cleaning efficiency; this is a completely psychological effect of using products that contain SLS (bubbles do not equal clean!). There are many serious problems that SLS has been shown to cause, skin irritations and hormone imbalances being some top concerns. More info on SLS:

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